Body Massage at Spa Luna for My 1st Year Anniversary

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Spa luna at sentosa
Spa Luna is housed within a heritage building in Sentosa.

Due to my hectic work schedule, I was unable to go for a short getaway overseas with my girl friend for our one-year anniversary celebration. We tried searching for a short trip to Bintan's Banyan Trees and MediSpa, but the rates are far too expensive, especially when we are talking about peak holidays season. Instead, we switched our plan to a staycation at Arama Sanctuary in Sentosa and indulge ourselves with a relaxing massage treat at Spa Luna.

We pre-booked a late afternoon session at Spa Luna and we headed towards the spa upon our check in at Amara Sanctuary. Though it was within walking distance in the premises, it actually took us quite a while to figure our way there. We were caught by surprise on our first step into the spa's reception as it appears it to us more like a gym due to the loud music blasting upstairs. Also, at the same time, there isn't any sight of a receptionist at the counter hence we rang the bell for assistance. Luckily, it did not took us quite long for the receptionist to come out and attend to us. As usual, we get to choose the massage we needed out from their menu and the receptionist gave us a brief introduction and explanatory details on their massage services. My girl friend went for the 60 minutes swedish massage while I opted for a 60 minutes deep tissue massage. we were ushered to the waiting area while the masseurs prepare our rooms. As the spa is opened newly, they have a promotion of 30 minutes steam bath.

spa luna couple room
We were kindly ushered to our Couple massage room. The room was well lit by light which were adjustable to our preference of brightness and dimness. As a welcome gift for being newly opened, a Complimentary Steam bath of 30 minutes was privileged to all newly visited customers. Nonetheless, we were lucky enough to be given this entitlement of enjoyment. My girlfriend was overjoyed as she is always fond of steam bath due to the variety of health and beauty benefits, such as detoxification, glowing skin and many more to list. Well, personally for me, it was indeed a good kick start of relaxation for both the mind and body before our massage. Of course, not forgetting to hydrate ourselves with plenty of water after the steam bath, which were provided to us from the staff of Spa Luna, as rehydration is very important after the steam bath to prevent any dehydration due to the water loss from the body in the process of sweating during steam bath.

Soon after, we were finally lying on our well laid, nicely decorated bed for the pampering massage ! "Lights dim down please.. air-con not too cold and mid-level strength on the strokes of massage please" All these were the replies given to the masseurs asking on our preferences before they proceed to our massage. Isn't it wonderful as we were just being spoiled for choices and good services ? Overall, the skills of the masseurs were above satisfactory. Services from the staff were good as well.

spa luna dessert
After we have finished our 60-minutes massage, we were being guided to a cozy area with table and sofa,  whereby desserts were served. Two bowls of mouth savouring warm Snow Fungus Soup were ready on the table for us. Just like the sweetness of the dessert, we appreciate the sweet thoughts on this indulgence of nourishing sweet treats from Spa Luna. We were allowed to sit around their cozy corner for as long as we wish.

However, as much as we disfavor the idea leaving, we still got to lift out butts up from the cushy velvet sofa for our dinner appointment at another venue. Aw...

Upon making payment at the counter, feedbacks were being asked. Masseurs were there as well to say adios to us and of course giving thanks on our gracious visit to their place.

In conclusion, the skills of the masseurs were good. Staffs were polite, hospitable and well-mannered. I might pay them another visit for the gratifying experience, if I were to be back for a staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa again.

spa luna resting area.
Spa Luna
1 Larkhill Road, Sentosa
Singapore 099394
Tel: +65 6825 3888
Fax: +65 6825 3878

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