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Kira Beauty & Wellness offer their services to the hardworking ladies out there and with their signature Tui Na Body Massage which helps to improve blood & lymph circulation, restoring vitality to the fullest and leaving you totally refreshed and recharged !

#03-12, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 623889
Tel: +65 6333 8787

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23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
Tel: +65 6484 0131

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301, Upper Thomson Road, #01-56, #01-76, Singapore 574408
Tel: +65 6458 2006 / +65 6458 4585

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Operating Hours for all three outlets: Mon to Fri - 11am to 8pm, Sat, Sun & PH - 11am to 6pm.

Kira has appeared in StreetDeal to offer 72% Off on 60min Signature Tui Na Body Massage at $25 instead of $88 @ Kira Beauty and Wellness. Keep an outlook for more deal coming up.

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  1. Beware of this company. They practice hard-selling using high pressure tactics to coerce you into buying their products once you are in their branch.

    Buyer beware.

  2. Oh really ? I believed there are much kinds of this spa using high pressure tactics recently. However, I am used to having one-time visit per different spa. I mean, you would not know which is the best unless you try them all.

  3. Very bad attitude from Kira's Business Developement Manager name Desiree. I arrived for my regular facial appointment at 7pm and my regular consultants were all on leave. I was being blamed for arriving late by Desiree(a stranger to me then), she said the receptionist was just about to call me and start to lecture instead of greeting me politely. When I asked if the staff were new as I have not seen any of them before, I was being mocked at by Desiree. I told Desiree that I need to go to the toilet before the facial starts and she told me in a condescending tone that she will talk to me when I am back.

    I came back from the washroom feeling very unwelcomed and was further irritated when Desiree asked me what treatment am I doing today like she was not prepared even though I booked my treatment 1 month in advance. I reminded her that I am doing facial and she immediately demanded that I cannot do facial today and have to change to a treatment that require shorter time as she needs to knock off at 8pm. Desiree did not introduce herself hence I have to ask and she proudly said that she have been working in Kira for very long and is the Business Development Manager. I am very shocked that the Business Development Manager representing Kira in front of customers does not even possess basic service standard.

    I told Desiree that I am not willing to change my facial appointment and expressed my unhappiness with her attitude towards me. Instead of apologising, Desiree raised her voice and sarcastically gave me a lecture about being late. I have been arriving for my facials at 7pm since I started facial with Kira last year and my facial normally ends at 9pm. Desiree not did not get her facts right nor make an effort to understand Kira's customer; she was being very rude!

    Desiree brushed me off to get changed very reluctantly and at that point of time I was extremely furious. I told Ann (the beautician) to inform Desiree to pass her business card to me after the facial as I would like to make a complaint.

    After my facial, I was stunned to find that Desiree have already left and she did not leave any business card for me. I am extremely disappointed that Kira's Manager can ignore a customer's request and treat customer so indifferently. I asked for Desiree's Superior's contacts and no one was able to provide me as both Ann and Elaine claimed that they do not know or have the contacts. Is this the kind of professional image that Kira wants to portray?

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  5. Hi Nic, seriously, I thought that she should not work in this sector since she does not know that "customer is always right" policy. Sometimes it is normal that we people are late 10-15 mins but still being greeted politely by the masseurs as well as the receptionist. Honestly, I felt that Kira should take serious consideration into taking actions against this Business Development Manager.

    Thanks for your feedback anyway.