Home-based Javanese Urut Batin (Manhood Therapy) at Choa Chu Kang

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I found this home-based therapist in the Youtube and he was promoting his home-based massage and spa in Choa Chu Kang. His name is Bobby, a maly-mix male therapist, claiming to have more than 15 years of experience and provides professional Javanese deep-tissure massage, Javanese Urut Batin (Manhood Therapy).

From the Youtube videos, you can acutally sees that his home is quite nicely decorated and the ambience wasn't that bad either. If there is any who has tried his service, kind enough to be our guest review to maybe give us some idea how his services was like ?

Apart from that, he is also promoting a water called KANGEN WATER. He will provide 5 litres per person for each visit and if you need a reusable portable plastic water containers, he sell it at $5.00.

Just a brief look at the services he provides.

Javanese Deep-tissue Massage, $50 for 60 mins, additional $25 for 30 mins. *
Swedish Massage, $75 for 90mins (minimum), additional $25 for 30 mins.
Javanese Manhood Therapy (Urut Batin, for MALES only), $25 for 30 mins.

He also provides outcall massage at a rate of $150 for 120 mins for
  • ONE client or
  • TWO clients at 60 mins massage each.
Additional extensions at $25 for 30 mins. The rates does not include hotel charges and he will provide protective PVC sheeting and disposal cotton sheeting to protect bed from staining.

Address and Opening Hours:
Operating Hours: Late moring till late nights, need to call to confirm appointment
Tel: 8387 7780 (Bobby)
Exact location was not mentioned but says it is 5 minutes walk from Choa Chu Kang MRT.

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