Rejuvenating Foot Reflexology at Teochew Meng in People's Park Complex

We had finished our briefing on Marina One at ERA Toa Payoh and there was still two hours before my haircut appointment at Ang Mo Kio's Soul Scissors Studio. We was thinking of some activity to kill some time and we thought of going for a foot massage. Though my girl friend and I have just went for a 90 minutes full body massage at Robertson Quay's Natureland the night before, but we still eager to have another massage.

Initially, we thought of going to Green Apple Spa at East Coast Road, but my friend recommended Teochew Meng Reflexology in Chinatown instead, which is cheaper.

It is quite unimaginable that on a Monday afternoon where everyone is working, the foot massage parlour is fully occupied and we was asked to go to another of their branch on the fourth level. Pre-warned by my friend who has visited the parlour previously, the fourth level branch was only equipped with fans instead of air-conditioner, but that does not spoil our mood for a good massage experience.

The masseurs are very friendly and despite their age, they do still have strength and experience that rub off the knots on your foot and sole, leaving you rejuvenated. Perhaps I have always opted for body massage while foot massage was not my cup of tea, I had to endure the pain while the masseurs rubbed skilfully onto the acupoints on my foot, though I have already requested for a minimum strength. It does not only effectively soothe the aches on my foot, but as well it relieves my shoulder aches as well.

$25 for a 60 minutes foot massage is certainly a good deal and definitely I would recommend their services to other as well.

Teochew Meng Reflexology Centre
1 Park Road
#03-K76/77/79 & #04-01 People's Park Complex
Singapore 059108
Tel: + 65 62231268

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri - 10am to 9.30pm

Yuling Beauty & Slimming Care at Bedok North

Picture Source: StreetDeal

Yuling Beauty & Slimming Care
Blk 218 Bedok North Street 1, #01-09
Singapore 460218
Tel: +65 6448 6607 / 6448 8627

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri - 11am to 9pm
Sat - 10am to 6pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

Updated on 18 August 2014

A & A Wellness Spa at Victoria Street

After watching the Hercules at Bugis Junction's Shaw, I was making my way back to Bugi+ carpark to drive back my car while I saw this banner of a spa along the main street. It is located on the second level of the shophouse. Below are some of the information of the spa.

They mentioned on the leaflet that they are providing:

  • Facial Treatment
  • Body Massage
  • Essential Oils Massage
  • Whitening Body Scrub
  • Ear Candling
  • Slimming Treatment
  • Lymphatic Drainage
Current Promotion

A & A Wellness Spa Promotion

A & A Wellness Spa
233B Victoria Street, Singapore 188026
Tel: +65 6336 6126
Mobile: +65 9154 3166

Weekend Plan: 5 Things You Should Do For Your Beauty and Soul

You’ve been working for a straight five days and the five days before that and the five days after that. Not to mention all the things that you do when you come home. All that housework that needs your attention and that never stops, not even during weekends. You deserve days and days of pampering, but you don’t do it, because you know that it will only make all that work pile up and wait for you to come back home. However, if you plan it carefully, you can get all the pampering you need in just one weekend and still keep your schedule as planned. Here are the five things that you need desperately to replenish both your body and your soul:

#1 Do Something Alone

During the week, you are overburdened with your work and your family, but what really makes all the difference is the excess of communication. You get so immersed into communication with others that you forget about yourself. Therefore, try and organize something that you will do on your own. Only you and yourself. Go to see a movie or shopping or just for a nice meal all on your own. It will be relaxing.

#2 Do Something With Friends 

 Replace all the negative communication with the positive one. Invite your friends for a brunch downtown or some activity that you guys enjoy. It will do wonders for your soul and you will feel a lot better and far happier.

#3 Read 

You don’t have enough time for a big book and all the activities over the weekend. However, some nice collection of short stories can find place in your schedule and it will do your wondering mind a lot of good. It doesn’t need to be long, but it needs to be high quality. Choose a short novel over a magazine.

#4 Make Your Own Cosmetics 

You can browse the Internet and find some really interesting recipes that you can do at your home to pamper your body and face. These will not be as strong as those chemical peels that you can get at a regular spa, but they will give you something creative to do and you’ll have fun and pampering at the same time. This is also a nice joint activity for girls.

#5 Have A Good Massage 

Invite a friend or go by yourself, but splurge for a professional, relaxing massage. It will not replace the whole spa weekend, but it will give your body and your soul the much needed boost for a new work week. 

There are tons of other things that you can do on your own to replenish your energy. These tips are mainly about things that you can do on your own or with a friend. However, if you have the time and the money, you should definitely enjoy some of those spa weekends in some amazing and wonderful spa. That really does wonders for you and makes you a new person.

This article is provided by Sophie, a beauty specialist from Perth, Australia. She is currently working at prestige clinic for plastic surgery in Perth. Thanks Sophie for sharing her beauty tips & tricks.

Relax With Your Family For This Year's Heritage Festival !

Many who are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life here may turn to Singapore's outlying islands for a getaway, but not all are aware of the rich culture and history behind them.

This year's Singapore HeritageFest aims to change that: Singapore's numerous outlying islands are the subject of this year's festival. The event, which takes place from July 18 to 27, will introduce visitors to the idea of Singapore as a nation of islands, and not just an island-nation.

Singapore was once made up of over 70 islands, but today has just 40, with several merged and others transformed into landfills and tourist attractions. Organisers hope the festival will help people discover lesser-known tales of Singapore's trading past as well. The event will highlight the role Singapore's migrant forefathers played in the country's development, as well as the traditions brought with them.

Participants can expect a variety of activities, including boat excursions to lighthouses and outlying islands.

Visitors to Kusu Island will be treated to a performance from the Siong Leng Musical Association. It will perform a rendition of nanyin, one of the oldest existing musical styles of China that is usually only performed during the ninth lunar month at the island's Tua Pek Kong temple.

The Association has been performing nanyin, or songs from the South, at the temple for the past 40 years, and it hopes to introduce this traditional art form to more people with special performances during this year's HeritageFest.

"When you talk about nanyin, people will actually think that it's a slow and boring kind of music," said Siong Leng member Chelsea Tan. "We wanted to change the conception that nanyin is more for senior citizens. We wanted to show them that young people do play nanyin as well, and it can also be interesting for us when we learn nanyin."

Participants can also hop on boat rides to other islands, such as St John's, where they will learn about its history as a former quarantine site. Other activities include tours to Raffles Lighthouse, which are rare as visits are restricted.

Away from these islands, activities and exhibitions will take place across 11 festival hubs, including malls and the National Museum of Singapore, featuring topics such as traditional healing practices and motor racing.

Source: Channel News Asia, 26 June 2014 The HeritageFest is now into its eleventh year, and the National Heritage Board says it has seen more partners coming on board. Over 40 community groups, individuals and partners have contributed to the line-up.

"If people come on board, they do more. With more programmes, more people can get involved," said festival director Angelita Teo. "Last year we had more than 40 programmes, this year we have more than 60. So that growth is something that we are working hard on, to encourage more people to come on board."

Activities are free and the public can sign up for them from next month. The National Heritage Board hopes to attract 1.3 million visitors to the festival. More information can be found at the HeritageFest website.

Is Pretty 360 Out To Cheat Consumers Through Hard Selling Spa Packages ? (Same as AP Spa at Dhoby Ghaut)

Pretty 360 Spa

After many comments from my fellow bloggers, I am changing the contents for Pretty 360 blog post. It seems to be that Pretty 360 is providing many different services to the consumer, however many have complained that they are trying to hard sell packages during their visit and does not honour their vouchers.

You may want to post your comments here as some of the consumers have mentioned that they are deleting comments from the facebook and not responding to their request for the refund.

As mentioned by some of the bloggers recently, they have since close down the facebook fan page for Pretty360 while they have open a new spa called Slender Matrix at Wheelock Place.

Pretty 360
Singapore Shopping Centre
#05-25, 190 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore 239924
Tel: +65 6337 5360

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri - 10.30am to 9pm,
Sat: 10am to 6pm

Updated on 15 June 2014.

Banyan Tree Group Launches New Brand, Cassia

Banyan Tree Group on Thursday (June 5) announced that a new brand has been launched, taking the hospitality group into a new segment.

With Cassia, Banyan will now have three brands in its portfolio. The group is seeking to expand globally. It has a target of 66 hotels and resorts, with more than 100 spas and galleries, across 33 countries by 2017.

Cassia lies in a niche sector between hotels and serviced apartments. It will offer fully-finished one and two-bedroom units for sale, with flexible living and investment options.

Five projects are being developed in Thailand, Indonesia, Sir Lanka, Australia and China.

An additional seven projects are being planned in Brisbane, New York, Japan, Seychelles, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Vietnam.

Said Mr Ho Kwon Ping, Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings: "It is a hundred per cent real-estate, but focusing with a very strong hospitality element to it, and that is bringing our expertise in both areas to launch this new brand."

Source: ChannelNewsAsia, 5th June 2014.

Sofitel Open Second Spa Outlet at Sentosa in 2015

The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel, at 2 Bukit Manis Road is set for a major overhaul that will see its name changed. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa will be their new name, marking the second spa by the French hotel brand. Their first spa opening, Sofitel So Singapore is schedule to open on 31 May 2014.

Undergoing a 12-18 months multi-million dollar renovation, it will be release in second half of 2015. The hotel will still be name The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa until transformation is complete.

DP Architects and MaxStudio will lead the renovation works. Beside the room, public areas will also get a complete new look, as well as the current Botanica Spa. The new So Spa includes 14 luxurious treatment rooms, 6 outdoor spa pavilions and a spa garden. Additionally, there will be refurbishment of existing two ballrooms while adding a pre-function room.

Situated behind Tanjong beach, the fabulous location provides fascinating tropical woodlands and sea views. A new place for rejuvenating body and soul in tranquil environment.

Special Shirodhara Head Treatment at Bail's Dewi Fortuna Spa (Day 1)

Today was the first day of our trip in Bali, my girl friend and I have planned to have at least one massage everyday for our next three days stay in Bali. That should be one of the main purpose of coming to Bali, isn;t it ? After we finished our exquisite balinese lunch at Warung d'Sawah and "checking-in" at my friend's villa for a short rest, we excitedly asked the driver to bring us to a nearby spa for a good body massage. While the driver drove us around to look for a place to massage, most of the spa salons are fully booked until we reach this spa - Dewi Fortuna Spa. No doubt the first impression of the spa does not throw a "WOW" factor to us, what impressed us further was the wide variety of the spa packages in which they offer.

As we entered the reception area, we were greet politely by the masseurs while they ushered us to waiting area, serving us a cup of spicy ginger tea. One of the masseurs handed over the menu to show their incredible wide selection of spa packages available, we was really spoilt for different choices. Both my girl friend and I opted for a same package cost about U$ 65 per person (excluding tax). The spa package consists of an hour of traditional balinese body massage and Shirodhara head treatment.

After choosing the spa package, we are being showed to a scarcely decorated couple room that has a simple bathtub with amenities. After we wash up and changed to disposable under garments and robe, we lay down onto the bed while waiting the masseurs prepares for our traditional balinese body massage.

The masseurs worked on our bodies with their experienced hands, rubbing our back with adequate force. One of the most amazing was the masseurs' synchronised massage pace. Though we were both facing down, you could actually hears both of them clapping (part of balinese massage style) almost at the same time throughout the entire session ! What a sensory experience to both the body and senses.

After an hours of holistic body massage, the masseurs walked out of the room and brought in the apparatus for our Shirodhara head treatment. Shirodhara is a Ayurvedic head massage technique that drips a slow stream of warm oil onto the forehead. As it is our experience with Shirodhara, we felt a peculiar feeling while the oil slowly flow into the scalp. The masseurs then slowly massage our scalp periodically to allow the stream of oil flow evenly through our heads. As the process continues, the combination sound of oil dripping onto the forehead and the basin that is placed on the floor beneath our head, it creates a tranquil melody that ultimately calmed my mind before I fell asleep completely.

The masseur woke me up with a gentle tap on my shoulder, to indicate that we have to go to a room at second storey to wash off the oil from our hair. They have tended to us with ultimate care while grooming our hair. We might have ended the spa slightly over two hours but the masseurs still tried their best to attend to us. Unknowingly, it is already almost seven thirty, time for a nice dinner at Bawang Merah beach front restaurant.

pampered by their holistic Balinese massage and rejuvenated with their Shirodhara head treatment at reasonable price. Dewi Fortuna Spa indeed has taken good care for our well-being during this two hours of sensory experience.

Dewi Fortuna Spa
Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 38
Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Bali
Tel: +62-361-771322
Opening Hours: 9am to 10pm daily

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Huang Ah Ma & Masego Safari Spa Special Promotion ! (Extended Operating Hours Till 3am Daily)

Check out the latest promotion from Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa at Chinatown and Masego Safari Spa at SAFRA Jurong. 

Also, they have extended their operating hours to 3am daily !
Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa & Masego Safari Spa Special Promotion